Just returned from tour in Europe. It was certainly a bit of a whirlwind with just one day off and multiple shows on some days.
tkn35893I was able to successfully raise $2,500 from the shows and donations for Sile Community Empowerment Project & restitution fees for Peaks defenders.

Silei Community Empowerment Project has been working for the past year to purchase the 4,500 sq ft building that currently houses Táala Hooghan Infoshop & Outta Your Backpack Media.
Silei has just a few months left to raise $10,000 for the remainder of the down-payment. Silei can accept tax-deductible donations. Please contact them at sileiproject@gmail.com. Any amount helps!

Peaks defenders face $4,000 in restitution resulting from direct actions to stop Arizona Snowbowl ski area from desecrating the holy San Francisco Peaks. You can donate to support Peaks defenders and ongoing efforts to stop Snowbowl here: www.indigenousaction.org or here: www.protectthepeaks.org/take-action/donatesupport/

Check out the recent article on my music/work in the Navajo Times.
Also just posted some pics from tour taken by my friends Theo & Christine in the Images section & a video from the show in Prague.

Of course my new album is available via CD for $10 or digital download (pay what you want including free download option!). Proceeds from sales above $5 go towards the aforementioned causes.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows and donated in Europe!

I just did a short interview with KPFK American Indian Airwaves last night. I will be on Native Trail Blazers online radio show this Friday at 7pm EST. Check it out here: www.nativetrailblazers.com

My next live performance will be in Flagstaff, AZ at Táala Hooghan Infshop on Nov. 16th.

Ahe’ hee’,


www.kleebenaly.com | www.indigenousaction.org


  1. I am glad to hear Tour went well; received your CDs in the mail and couldnt wait; listened to mine on the way home from the post office; amazing guitar work and vocals with so much emotion! Keep it up, Klee!!!

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