This site is established as an outlet for some new projects that I’ve been working on for some years now.
I’ve also found it a bit challenging keeping all the work I do spread all over the place, so this is also an attempt to bring it all together.
As many of you know me through my former work with Blackfire, music has always been a tool/tactic for me to intervene in the dominant social order’s established narrative. So, for the moment, this site will primarily focus on my new (really old as I’ve never stopped playing music since I was 10…) project of acoustic songs.
I’ve never been too fond of celebrating individually focused projects or personalities, so part of my intention with this site is to ensure that resistance & liberation struggles are always at the forefront.

www.IndigenousAction.org is where you can stay updated about most of the issues I work on. I will mostly post my coverage of issues to that site and have more commentary here. You can stay more updated by following me on twitter too @eelk.

In struggle,


p.s. I was never on “hiatus”…


    1. That’s strange as other orders have gone through fine. Maybe your web browser? I can send you a direct paypal invoice too. Can you message me through the contact page?
      Thanks! – Klee

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