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I was invited at the last minute to be on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman last week. You can watch the show here: http://www.democracynow.org/2014/3/14/a_slow_genocide_of_the_people.

I was able to join my good friends Alex Soto from Shining Soul & Taylor McKinnon from the Grand Canyon Trust. Back in 2010 Alex, myself and 4 others locked down at Border Patrol headquarters in Tucson, AZ to protest militarization on Indigenous lands and invisiblization of Indigenous Peoples in the immigration rights debates.

I also visited the Canyon Mine, which is a uranium mine threatening Red Butte, a sacred site for the Havasupai (that’s where we filmed the music video for “Song of the Sun”), with Taylor and some friends including anti-nuke activist Pradeep Indulkar, last weekphoto(49). I had helped organize some film screenings for his powerful film “High Power” which were connected to Four Corners to Fukushima statewide actions recognizing the 3-year antiversary of the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

While I have worked on a range of issues in the past, I recently stepped up to support a campaign called Clean Up The Mines, a national effort to clean up abandoned uranium mines. I’ve written and worked quite a bit on uranium and nuke issues before, you can check some of my writings here: www.indigenousaction.org.
There are a range of groups working to address uranium as a primary link in the nuclear chain: www.masecoalition.org, www.sric.org, www.grandcanyontrust.org‎, www.facebook.com/ENDAUM, www.defendblackhills.org, www.biologicaldiversity.org. There is also a great list of groups addressing the issues here: www.wman-info.org.

While we’ve faced many challenges in the decades-long struggle to Protect the Peaks we are still fighting, the Hopi Tribe still has a lawsuit in court and boycotts and protests have been organized. There are hundreds of sacred places throughout the so-called “U.S.” that are under threat of desecration.

Big Mountain resistance still continues, support is greatly needed. You can learn more here: www.supportblackmesa.org

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