Congrats to Melody from Eugene, OR!
Thanks to everyone who joined in for the #abolishgreencapitalism fun.
Melody will be receiving a “Respect Existence or Expect Resistance” hoodie, a book, and some zines!

Here’s the entry:

Earth Day 2014 –

The Sky Has Fallen

When our grasp exceeds our reach

There is no gate we dare not open—

The match in the fist raised

Against the firmament.

When the sky falls

It falls in Fire—

The inferno bolts from our hand.

Slow down—!

It doesn’t matter—

The horse is gone.

We’ve unshut the door.

Fire bringer, light bearer—


We discover we lit our body on fire.

Against the incandescence of loss,


We see at last

Our feet burning on the earth.


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