Sticker & Button Combo!

Ya’a’teeh! I am offering a sticker and button combo for $2.50. Not sure how long I’ll have these for sale online.  3″ circular vinyl sticker. 1″ button. Available here:

An Earth Day contest, of sorts… #abolishgreencapitalism

Hey folks, I am hosting a contest, of sorts. Not to feed into the conundrum of competitivity, but to stimulate creativity and to agitate against “green” capitalism. From the “greening” of the prison industry to the military industrial complex, green capitalist imperialism is still imperialism. By participating in this agit-prop, you could be awarded a hand silk-screened hoodie such as the lovely one pictured here (in fact this is indeed

T-shirts now available: Respect Existence or Expect Resistance

T-shirt reads “Respect Existence or Expect Resistance,” “Indigenous Liberation,” & “We are Ungovernable.” The shirt design is based off of the CD artwork I made for my new album. The arrowhead is for protection, the corn for sustaining our struggles salubriously. These hand silk-screened t-shirts are available in black or red and come in all sizes. $14 (doesn’t include shipping – but orders now over $50 get free shipping –