Native America Calling Live Broadcast “January Music Maker: Klee Benally”

Monday, January 6, 2014 – January Music Maker: Klee Benally
Our first Music Maker of 2014 brings us raw acoustic energy from the Diné Nation. Performing artist and Indigenous rights advocate Klee Benally is known for his 20 years with the Diné punk rock group Blackfire. In his first solo acoustic album, “Respect Existence or Expect Resistance,” Benally draws on his work on the protection of sacred places to liberate his latest compositions. This 14-track album brings more light to environmental justice issues including uranium and water rights. Benally says the title of the album says it all and asserts it’s more than a collection of songs but rather a promise, a longing, a tension and a threat. We invite you to experience this album with us on our January Music Maker edition with Diné recording artist Klee Benally.

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