respect-existence-expect-resistance-buttons Ya’a’teeh,
Just a reminder that today is the last day for pre-orders for the hard-copy CD. Pre-orders include a couple of these lovely buttons and this patch screen-printed by yours truly.respect-existence-expect-resistance-patch

You can still purchase the CD here for $8 until midnight (goes up to $10 for the release after).
At this point I have no plans of making too much “merch” so the only way to get the patch and buttons (for now) is to pre-order.

Regarding the digital download of the album…

I will be releasing the digital version of “Respect Existence or Expect Resistance” on a “pay what you want/trade” basis. The digital download will include a 20 page digital booklet which will include all the lyrics and art/photos by myself and some accomplices. Read more here.
Of course the album won’t be available until the 12th of Oct. In the meantime, please sign my email list for updates.

Hopefully this doesn’t dissuade you too much from acquiring the hard copy CD though, as there is something to be said about the entire artistic project of making an album… from song list selection, to art, etc. Plus, if I happen to disseminate enough albums or get enough contributions I would like to press a vinyl version… but may also do a micro-crowdfunding campaign for that one. Maybe t-shirts as a “reward”? Who’s down to support vinyl?… add your voice in the comments section below!

Thanks for listening…

Off to Shiprock and then Europe soon.

Ahe’ hee’,



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