Europe Tour 2016

Upcoming events in France and UK:

Sun. July 31 – Concert, Film, & Discussion, 5pm @ La Comedia 88 Rue Edouard Vaillant 93100, Montreuil, France

Wed. Aug. 3 – Acoustic concert, 6:30pm @ Moki Bar 61 Rue Des Vignoles 75020, Paris, France (Metro: Buzenval)

Fri. Aug. 5 – The Green Gathering UK (at Avalon Rising), 11pm Discussion, 12:30am Film: Power Lines, Chepstow, UK

Sat. Aug. 6 – The Camden Fringe, 9pm @ the Cockpit Gateforth Street Marylebone, London NW8 8EH,







Overdue 2016 updates!

[Pictured from left to right: Klee, Shaandiin, Princess. Photo by Roshan Spottsville]

It’s been way too long since I posted here so I thought I’d give ya’ll some quick updates. (If you really want to stay up on all I am doin’ check and

My feature film Power Lines is nearly ready to be released! We are anticipating the premiere to be in May (yes, that is


Jones Benally rocking the mic for the Power Lines soundtrack.

next month)! I know, it’s been overdue for a year, well the short version is that I had initially set aside time to work on the film last year and was anticipating getting incredibly busy with other projects and campaigns. I also didn’t anticipate how much time it would take to write and record the entire soundtrack as well as edit and do color correction… so yeah, it’s been a bit hectic. But the soundtrack really has been fun and I know ya’ll will enjoy it. I even dusted off my electric guitars for some pretty heavy tracks. 😉
We will have an announcement soon for the premiere and will be taking the film on tour!


Shaandiin, Jaclyn, and yours truly at Confluence Collab opening.


My piece titled “Shooting Columbus.” Life-size target, available soon for purchase! 🙂

One of the projects I was involved with was the Confluence Collaboration project at the Heard Museum (check out this review here). I got to work with an amazing mentee named Shaandiin Yazzie and we created a short video, large scale wheatpaste, tshirt, logo, stickers, and a doll as part of a campaign to end exploitation of Indigenous Peoples’ cultures. I also had the chance to show some of my art. Many thanks to the inspiring Jaclyn Roessel ( for organizing the collaboration!

I’ve also been working hard with the org Clean Up The Mines! which has a campaign to clean up the more than 15,000 abandoned uranium mines located throughout the so-called US. Last year we participated in a range of awareness events and early this year I organized a


Clean Up The Mines rally in DC

delegation of Indigenous folks to travel to DC. Lots of coffee, no sleep, and great friends made the effort incredibly effective (although that little snow storm was a bit of a challenge). You can read more here. Also did a keynote presentation in LA during all the madness…


Young folks at Taala Hooghan working to end homelessness.

Another ongoing project has been working with a group of folks at Táala Hooghan Infoshop to restructure that project, organize, clean, and do street outreach for our relatives on the streets. We’ve received an amazing amount of donations and distributed some very necessary resources to our relatives who have been literally left out in the cold. We really need donations to keep this project and Outta Your Backpack Media going! You can contribute here:

For tax deductible or large donations (we also bought a building!) or connections to funders/grants:


Flagstaff rally for Indigenous Peoples’ Day

A group of folks from Flagstaff also have been working hard to establish a meaningful process to address the colonial celebration of genocide also known as KKKolumbus Day. With the support of council member Eva Putzova, we successfully got the City Council to approve a process that will seek direct input and solutions to a range of issues impacting the Indigenous community here.

Additionally I’m working with a bad-ass crew of folks who have formed an art collective around a piece called “Shooting Columbus.” It’s a multimedia production that will premiere next year in occupied Tohono O’odham lands (Chuckson/Tucson).

I’ve also been doing media and design support work for a range of campaigns including,,, and a few others.

All this (and more) has kept me incredibly busy to the point where I’ve been losing track of orders (a lot were sent into the spam folder too!). So I will definitely fill your orders, if you got a back-order notice, please be patient as all the shirts are hand silk-screened by our crew at Táala Hooghan. Tshirt orders from this site and go to support all these projects!

I got a couple upcoming events including the Shiprock Marathon, Medicine Ways Conference in CA, as well as a media justice gathering there. I am also booking shows and film screenings so hit me up in the contact section of this site or via FB.

There’s also a few other events (including a possible European tour this summer!) but check my Facebook or Instagram @kleebenally for those and the rest of the fun. I will also be organizing the premiere of Power Lines, so stay tuned!

Ahe’ hee’,



Support Power Lines, an Independent Feature Film!


I would like to invite you to support and be part of the crowdfunding campaign for my first independent feature film, “Power Lines” — a politically charged coming of age story about a young Diné (Navajo) poet who runs away to find home.

I’ve been working on the concept for “Power Lines” since 2008 and finished the script last year. I plan on filming in fall 2014 and can’t do it without your support.

I am launching this crowdfunding campaign on Monday, July 14 with a deadline of August 28th (so just 46 days to raise funds!)

You can contribute here:
You can also learn more about the film here:

Ahe’ hee’,


Sticker & Button Combo!

I am offering a sticker and button combo for $2.50. Not sure how long I’ll have these for sale online. 

3″ circular vinyl sticker.
1″ button.

Available here:

Congrats to Melody for her entry! #abolishgreencapitalism

Congrats to Melody from Eugene, OR!
Thanks to everyone who joined in for the #abolishgreencapitalism fun.
Melody will be receiving a “Respect Existence or Expect Resistance” hoodie, a book, and some zines!

Here’s the entry:

Earth Day 2014 –

The Sky Has Fallen

When our grasp exceeds our reach

There is no gate we dare not open—

The match in the fist raised

Against the firmament.

When the sky falls

It falls in Fire—

The inferno bolts from our hand.

Slow down—!

It doesn’t matter—

The horse is gone.

We’ve unshut the door.

Fire bringer, light bearer—


We discover we lit our body on fire.

Against the incandescence of loss,


We see at last

Our feet burning on the earth.

An Earth Day contest, of sorts… #abolishgreencapitalism

Hey folks,
I am hosting a contest, of sorts. Not to feed into the conundrum of competitivity, but to stimulate creativity and to agitate against “green” capitalism. From the “greening” of the prison industry to the military industrial complex, green capitalist imperialism is still imperialism.

expect-resistance-hoodieBy participating in this agit-prop, you could be awarded a hand silk-screened hoodie such as the lovely one pictured here (in fact this is indeed the one!)…
This glorious prize also includes a book and ‘zines of a radical nature and some lovely buttons and patches.

What you got to do:

  1. Express your perspective on Abolishing Green Capitalism in a poem, short essay, drawing, action, graphic design, street art, video, audio, (i.e. any means of creative expression).
  2. Email (or on twitter @eelk or both using #abolishgreencapitalism) your entry to: by April 22nd, 2014 at 11:34pm MST.
  3. Selected entry will be announced on April 23rd, 2014. I will be posting the entries on social media so comments and “likes” will be taken into account. If your work/expression is selected I will contact you for details to send your awesome prize. 🙂

Ahe’ hee’!


"Capitalist Camo" - Klee @eelk

“Capitalist Camo” – Klee @eelk

On Democracy Now

Ya’a’teeh folks,

I was invited at the last minute to be on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman last week. You can watch the show here:

I was able to join my good friends Alex Soto from Shining Soul & Taylor McKinnon from the Grand Canyon Trust. Back in 2010 Alex, myself and 4 others locked down at Border Patrol headquarters in Tucson, AZ to protest militarization on Indigenous lands and invisiblization of Indigenous Peoples in the immigration rights debates.

I also visited the Canyon Mine, which is a uranium mine threatening Red Butte, a sacred site for the Havasupai (that’s where we filmed the music video for “Song of the Sun”), with Taylor and some friends including anti-nuke activist Pradeep Indulkar, last weekphoto(49). I had helped organize some film screenings for his powerful film “High Power” which were connected to Four Corners to Fukushima statewide actions recognizing the 3-year antiversary of the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

While I have worked on a range of issues in the past, I recently stepped up to support a campaign called Clean Up The Mines, a national effort to clean up abandoned uranium mines. I’ve written and worked quite a bit on uranium and nuke issues before, you can check some of my writings here:
There are a range of groups working to address uranium as a primary link in the nuclear chain:,,‎,,, There is also a great list of groups addressing the issues here:

While we’ve faced many challenges in the decades-long struggle to Protect the Peaks we are still fighting, the Hopi Tribe still has a lawsuit in court and boycotts and protests have been organized. There are hundreds of sacred places throughout the so-called “U.S.” that are under threat of desecration.

Big Mountain resistance still continues, support is greatly needed. You can learn more here:

Ahe’ hee’,


p.s. A lot of folks are asking if they can still order these shirts, well, I just screened some more! Check the Merch page to order.


In Cased You Missed the Native America Calling Show & Continue the discussion…

Here is the Native America Calling on Soundcloud:

Thanks for all the great questions & comments on Native America Calling @180099native today! Did you see that I just released a music video too?!
Continue the discussion on twitter @eelk, email:, or in the comments here!

Too Much To Feel Music Video!

Directed by Princess Benally
Camera: Lupita Salazar, Shelby Ray, Princess, Klee
Editing: Klee
Starring Anclavia Dovantatti & Fantasia Skyfall
Make-up: Aza Erdrich & Simeona Beasley

Listen to Klee Benally on Native America Calling Tomorrow!

Native America Calling Live Broadcast “January Music Maker: Klee Benally”

Monday, January 6, 2014 – January Music Maker: Klee Benally
Our first Music Maker of 2014 brings us raw acoustic energy from the Diné Nation. Performing artist and Indigenous rights advocate Klee Benally is known for his 20 years with the Diné punk rock group Blackfire. In his first solo acoustic album, “Respect Existence or Expect Resistance,” Benally draws on his work on the protection of sacred places to liberate his latest compositions. This 14-track album brings more light to environmental justice issues including uranium and water rights. Benally says the title of the album says it all and asserts it’s more than a collection of songs but rather a promise, a longing, a tension and a threat. We invite you to experience this album with us on our January Music Maker edition with Diné recording artist Klee Benally.

Music Video:


We start the live broadcast at 11 a.m. Mountain Time (10 a.m. Pacific Time/ 12 p.m. Central Time/ 1 p.m. Eastern Time). We are broadcast on over 50 stations across the United States. There is a listing of the stations where we can be heard on our website at

Keep in mind

If you are just interested in listening to the conversation we ask that you tune into the show on your local radio station or via the Internet.

But if you do want to voice your opinion, ask a question or share your thoughts, our call in number is   1-800-996-2848 that’s also 1-800-99-NATIV

To listen to the program on-line visit Native Voice One at and just click on the picture of the man wearing headphones and it will navigate you to a page where you can choose a music player.

You can also listen by visiting other stations’ web pages. Simply go to our website ( Listings for live on-line streaming can be accessed by clicking on the left hand side bar of our homepage on the words “Listen to NAC on-line.” You will then be navigated to the next page where you can choose a station to listen to on-line. Click on one of the stations and you will be navigated to their website where there will be an option to listen live on their webpage.

A rebroadcast of the day’s show will take place at 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Native Voice One at: We also archive the show daily on our website ( so that the show can be accessed at later time.

A copy of the show will be posted to our Soundcloud account and can be downloaded. It will be there for 24 hours after the show. Here’s the link for our Native America Callings Soundcloud account:

We hope you can join us for this program!

Thank you,

Native America Calling

Tara Gatewood


Native America Calling

Protected: Too Much To Feel Music Video – Pre-Release

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Give a Gift of Solidarity & Support! Help Siléi Community Empowerment Project with Final Down-payment!

SILEI-POSTEROutta Your Backpack Media (OYBM) & Taala Hooghan Infoshop are sending you end of the year greetings and a plea for support to help Silei Community Empowerment Project (SCEP) complete down-payment for the community center we now call home.

In 2012, SCEP was established for the purpose of purchasing and owning a 4,500 sq ft community center in Flagstaff, AZ.
SCEP was initiated as a collaborative effort between Outta Your Backpack Media (OYBM), Táala Hooghan, and community members dedicated to social and environmental justice.

With December, 31, 2013 as the deadline for down-payment, we are so close to raising the final amount! We cannot do it without your help!

We’ve had some very generous community contributions in the last month and now we need about $7,000 more to complete the down-payment!
We have one awesome supporter who has offered to match funds up until $5,000 as well.

You can donate online at:

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, please issue a check out to: To Lani Enterprises
(please put FBO Silei Community Empowerment Project in the memo)
Send it to: 1700 N. 2nd St. Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Please contact me directly if you wish to lend funds or donate:
Klee Benally
OYBM Project Coordinator

You can also email SCEP directly at:

About SCEP:

SCEP maintains the following mission/action statement:
“Siléí Community Empowerment Project exists to cultivate safe, sustainable, just communities within a healthy environment. We provide a regional activist and cultural resource center in Flagstaff, Arizona that serves to empower Indigenous and historically marginalized and oppressed peoples. We believe that through providing access to arts and organizing space, our communities can become more effective in achieving social and environmental justice.”
Siléí means foundation in Dine’ (Navajo) Bizaad (language).
SCEP is nearly finished securing 501c3 status and is currently made up of an all-volunteer working group.
SCEP will retain and manage the facility to ensure that the goals and vision of the center will be sustained for years to come. This will include a clear plan to maintain the building and property only for social and environmental justice community purposes beyond any perceived lifetime of current projects such as OYBM or Táala Hooghan. SCEP is deeply committed to ensuring that this community resource is sustained for generations to come.

Our Plan:
Based on our past work with support from our communities and foundations, we are certain that our vision is now fully realizable and will be completely maintainable.
We are confident that through donations, community fundraisers, lending forward opportunities (borrowing), matching funds, and other creative fundraising activities, we will secure the purchase of the building.
We understand that other non-profit organization’s annual budgets for administrative expenses can exceed the entire cost of this community center.

How you can support:

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, please issue a check out to: To Lani Enterprises
(please put FBO Silei Community Empowerment Project in the memo)
Send it to: 1700 N. 2nd St. Flagstaff, AZ 86004


Match Funds! (Contact us at for more info)

Lend funds for Initial Costs (Contact us at for more info)

Host a fundraising event/party

Donate an item for Silent Action!

Attend or volunteer at any of our community fundraising events!

Spread the word!

For more information and to lend your support please contact

T-shirts now available: Respect Existence or Expect Resistance

t-shirt-respect-expectT-shirt reads “Respect Existence or Expect Resistance,” “Indigenous Liberation,” & “We are Ungovernable.”

The shirt design is based off of the CD artwork I made for my new album. The arrowhead is for protection, the corn for sustaining our struggles salubriously.

These hand silk-screened t-shirts are available in black or red and come in all sizes.


(doesn’t include shipping – but orders now over $50 get free shipping – only in the U.$.)

Click here to order.

You can also pick one up at Táala Hooghan Infoshop or one of my events.


A Weekend in Unceded Coast Salish Lands

Flying over the Grand Canyon - uranium mines here, really? The Colorado River provides drinking water for up to 27million people.

Flying over the Grand Canyon – uranium mines here, really? The Colorado River provides drinking water for up to 27 million people.

We got off the plane, took a cab to Chinatown, dropped our bags at the place we were staying, and went directly to Vancouver Indigenous Media Arts Festival. As we walked to Woodward’s (a massive shopping center) near where the fest was being held, we learned about a squat and other community projects that VIMAF-Screenshot-at-Nov-06-03-42-01had been evicted. It was clear that the area had quite a history of resistance to gentrification. It was quite absurd to walk up to this colossal building at Simon Fraser University (next to Woodward’s) and see a massive 4 story photo recreation of a police attack on protestors.

The first event we attended was a book release party for Sovereign Screens. According to her website, Kristin L. Dowell’s book “uses the concept of visual sovereignty to examine the practices, forms, and meanings through which Aboriginal filmmakers tell their individual stories and those of their Aboriginal nations and the intertribal urban communities in which they work.” I regret not picking up a copy but do plan on ordering some for the infoshop as the book seems pertinent to work I do with OYBM & Indigenous Action Media.

photo(29)-fixedPrincess & I then initiated our ongoing pursuit for comestibles. We were instructed to head towards “Gas Town” – which sounds like the type of place I would generally avoid – nonetheless our curiosity and grumbling stomachs lead the way. If you’ve ever been there you can’t help but revel in the marvel that is the Steam Clock. Apparently there are about 6 steam clocks in the world, and it’s quite a wonder really, I imagine its quite an attraction for steam-punkers. After perusing the local fare we decided that this spot didn’t suit our fancy (lotsa tourists, super bourgeois, etc). We ended up a ways from Gas Town at a cozy Jamaican spot.

Princess & I ended up walking a few miles in the wrong direction (East Hastings not West!) and then turned around and enjoyed our own street tour of unceded Coast Salish lands.

The show was planned for 11pm but considering it was intended to be an afterparty, lets just say that it was a very late night. I ended photo(31)up playing sometime around 1pm. Met some great artists @djAnnashay & Mob Bounce. We didn’t really get to enjoy Mob Bounce’s set as we were exceptionally tired from the day of travels but what we did hear was great.

photo(32)-teaThe next day we found a great tea shop (surprise!) called Treasure Green Tea Company right next to where we were staying. Olivia, the owner, offered us a tasting of any teas as soon as we walked in. Since we were in a bit of a hurry to meet a friend we couldn’t indulge as much as we would have liked to (we did return later and got some great tea).

We then met up with Zig Zag who is seriously one of the most inspiring Indigenous forces! Zig Zag, aka Gord, has been on the front lines for years promoting “warrior culture, fighting spirit, and resistance movements.” Our meeting was cut a bit short as I was asked to be on a panel discussion about

Unsettling liberals...

Unsettling liberals…

Pipelines, Pundits, and Media Power with Melina Laboucan-Massimo among others. Melina’s presentation addressed Tar Sands, it was incredibly intense to hear and see the direct impacts to her community.

This guy!

This guy!


What to do at “afterparties” but take weird pics?

That evening I was a guest on a live recording of comedian Ryan McMahon‘s Red Man Laughing podcast. Let’s just say it was quite an entertaining show.
Other than those events I didn’t have much more engagement with the Vancouver Indigenous Media Arts Festival (VIMAF). I did manage to catch up with a few friends and discuss various perspectives of Idle No More and the Indigenous Nationhood Movement.
We caught some great Ramen and then hit the VIMAF after-show.

Sunday morning it was off to the Social Spaces Summit at the Purple Thistle, an awesome radical resource center. My presentation was titled, “Táala Hooghan Infoshop: Indigenous established anti-colonial & anti-capitalist radical resource & action center since 2007.” I addressed strategies of infoshops, problems with “allyship”, creative funding sources, the fetishization of accountability, and tried to explore the intentions and varied issues faced with organizing and holding an anti-colonial space. Overall it was a really great group with some questions that went right to the core of the shit we go through at Táala Hooghan. I really wish I could have had more time at the Social Spaces Summit as it seemed to be a crowd who was really digging in and doing some hard work. Alas, as soon as I was done with the presentation we headed to the airport (thanks Cease!). Nothing good to say about customs and going through the borders except… no borders!
Thanks for reading… lot’s more to come.



Updates & Upcoming…

Just returned from tour in Europe. It was certainly a bit of a whirlwind with just one day off and multiple shows on some days.
tkn35893I was able to successfully raise $2,500 from the shows and donations for Sile Community Empowerment Project & restitution fees for Peaks defenders.

Silei Community Empowerment Project has been working for the past year to purchase the 4,500 sq ft building that currently houses Táala Hooghan Infoshop & Outta Your Backpack Media.
Silei has just a few months left to raise $10,000 for the remainder of the down-payment. Silei can accept tax-deductible donations. Please contact them at Any amount helps!

Peaks defenders face $4,000 in restitution resulting from direct actions to stop Arizona Snowbowl ski area from desecrating the holy San Francisco Peaks. You can donate to support Peaks defenders and ongoing efforts to stop Snowbowl here: or here:

Check out the recent article on my music/work in the Navajo Times.
Also just posted some pics from tour taken by my friends Theo & Christine in the Images section & a video from the show in Prague.

Of course my new album is available via CD for $10 or digital download (pay what you want including free download option!). Proceeds from sales above $5 go towards the aforementioned causes.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows and donated in Europe!

I just did a short interview with KPFK American Indian Airwaves last night. I will be on Native Trail Blazers online radio show this Friday at 7pm EST. Check it out here:

My next live performance will be in Flagstaff, AZ at Táala Hooghan Infshop on Nov. 16th.

Ahe’ hee’,

Klee |

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